Both Karen and Mike are Qualified members of the Societies of Photographers. Karen having gained her Licentiate, with the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers, Mike with the next level up the Associate from the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers. So, Karen has the letters LSINWP after her name and Mike ASINWP What does this mean? It means our work has been judged by an Examination panel of experts in the fields of photography and that work has achieved the standard required to be accepted as a Licentiate and an Associate respectively, within the Society. This is something we are both very proud of and have worked extremely hard for.

In addition to this Mike has also in 2019 gained his Licentiate from the Society of International Sports and Leisure photographers, showing his diverse ability with the camera.

Below are the 20 images that made up each of our "Panel" submissions.

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