A new collaboration between two very experienced Wildlife photographers, bringing together their diverse skills under one roof. Between them they have thousands of hours photographing wildlife around the globe, from the plains of Africa, the sandy (But cold!) beaches of the Falkland Islands to the highlands of Scotland and rain forests of South America, this pair have been to some of the best and worst places on the planet in search of Wildlife challenges.

Mike is an award-winning photographer and sporting journalist based in rural Staffordshire. In 2006 Mike won the prestigious Shooting Times John Darling Photographer of the year award, with the following photo of his Working ESS Milo. This award was before the advent of social media, so was voted for by text, post card and phone by the readers of the Shooting Times Magazine, having been shortlisted from a vast array of entries, Mike came out as the outright winner. This photo was beautifully reproduced in pastel and now hangs in his home.

So as you can see, Mike has been around for a little while, taking great photos!








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